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Our target client base consists in institutional investors and corporates looking at expanding their presence over the continent.
Africa Nziza Africa Nziza: investment opportunities from quality research.  
African equities are one of the most exciting frontier markets. However, there is often a lack of insightful and detailed research available that investors can use to make the best informed decisions.
Africa Nziza can give you the in-depth company analysis you need as well as invaluable awareness of up and coming trends. We present actionable ideas in the larger more liquid stocks and the uncovered smaller companies...
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  Food stocks africa  
  . Food Stock  
    We have recently initiated coverage on SSA Food Stocks. We see very attractive opportunities in SSA food stocks.
• Flour Mills of Nigeria
• Dangote Flour Mills
• Honeywell Flour Mills
• Nestle Nigeria
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Food stocks africa
. Food, Food retail, Home and Personal Care
  • Agri and farming data
• Consumption per capita of key food items
• Food prices data
• Stock valuation sheet
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